Swedish Rural Parliament

The Swedish rural parliament is one of the largest gatehrings for rural development in Europe. All Sweden Shall Live (Hela Sverige ska leva) has arranged this event every second year since the mid-90s. The theme of 2016 is ”Towards a balanced country”. Together we will challenge and educate each other on issues of rural development and explore the question of how we create a balanced country. If you want to get involved, then this is the forum for you!

The first day of the Rural Parliament will be dedicated to field trips to the best examples of local development in Gotland: food production, fiber extension, tourism, fishing industry, integration, culture – just about everything connected to a vital countryside. Your guides will be the people involved in these trades. The second and third day we will spend at Wisby Strand, a congress center next to the sea in the town of Visby. Here you can enjoy panel discussions, exhibitions, and lots of opportunities for deep conversations. You will also be offered sightseeing in beautiful Visby.

At the Rural Parliament enthusiasts meet with politicians, officials, representatives from rural movements in other countries, entrepreneurs and scientists. It is a unique opportunity to encounter people from different sectors but with a similiar goal: that all Sweden shall live.

The national organisation All Sweden shall live consists of approximately 5 000 local development groups throughout Sweden, and close to 50 member organizations who support our activities. Visit our website:www.helasverige.se


Region Gotland
01 Länsstyrelsen i Gotland
02 Svenska Spel
03 Svenska Kyrkan
04 Landsbygdsnätverket
05 Ip Only
06 Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund
07 Uppsala Universitet
08 SLU
09 Hushållningssällskapet
10 Wisby Strand
11 ATG
12 HNS
Jordbruksverket EU
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