Swedish Rural Parliament

Welcome to the Swedish Rural Parliament!

The Rural Parliament is the event where rural activists, politicians, officials and entrepreneurs from all over Sweden meet, prepare proposals for rural policy, exchange ideas and experiences and have fun together.

The Rural Parliament is organised every second year in different places all over Sweden by the grassroots-driven organisation Hela Sverige ska leva (All Sweden shall live). 

In the spring of 2016, the Rural Parliament will be held in Gotland, in the town of Visby on May 27 to 29.

You are welcome to participate!

At the Rural Parliament you can attend lectures and group discussions, learn about some of the best examples of local development that Gotland has to offer, and visit numerous exhibitions.

The national organisation All Sweden shall live consists of approximately 5 000 local development groups throughout Sweden, and close to 50 member organizations who support our activities. Visit our


Lena Husén, international co-ordinator Hela Sverige ska leva



Region Gotland
1 Hushållningssällskapet
2 Ip Only
3 Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund
4 Svenska Kyrkan
5 Uppsala Universitet
Länsstyrelsen i Gotland